Get personalized software that sync’s to your business requirements and improves as you grow.Your organization is unique; your requirements are complex and your ventures strategic. You need customized software to improve your sales, to systematize your processes and to enhance your business processes.


Are you ready to undertake digital transformation. While some organizations see digital transformation as a risk, we view it as an opening for businesses to distinguish themselves from the competition.


Dominant custom websites developed by experts who understand technology and business.Our development team outshines in the latest technologies; from HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript, React, AngularJS, Node.js, jQuery, we cover all the bases. we can help you with any ASP.NET or SQL Server projects.

Who We Are. What We Do

We Bring digital change. 

We provide services to create personal digital solutions for organizations driven by the desire to revolutionize and the passion to lead the way.

What People Say About Us

My business relationship with Digi Zom has been nothing short of terrific. From reviewing my project with their team to choosing a highly-talented developer, and all the way through releasing our application, it has been an incredibly smooth and successful experience.
Owner - Makeup Studio
Digi Zom came up with the design on their first try, delivered the complete package on a reasonable budget, and continued to fine-tune it. That wasn't enough -- they also created a plan to market the website and increase traffic that is already producing results.
Internet Marketer
Excellent management team. Digi Zom handles escalations very well as the management team is involved very quickly whenever there is a delay in the timeline. Agile is fantastic and Digi Zom is the best at using agile I have seen.

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